New British government wants rapprochement with EU


Lerato Khumalo

Just one day after his appointment as the new British Foreign Secretary, Lammy is already in Berlin for his inaugural visit. The EU is also on the agenda.

Germany and Great Britain are considering a rapprochement of the United Kingdom with the European Union. “We are examining with the new British government how the United Kingdom can move closer to the #EU again,” the Foreign Office in Berlin announced on the occasion of the inaugural visit of the new British Foreign Minister David Lammy to his colleague Annalena Baerbock (Greens). However, Lammy had already ruled out a return to the EU or the customs union after Brexit before taking office.

Following the spectacular election victory of the Labour Party, Lammy was appointed the new Foreign Minister on Friday. Labour replaced the Conservatives under the previous Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after 14 years. Lammy had announced that if he won the election he would quickly visit several allies, including Germany. The Labour government wants to conclude a broad security pact with the EU. It should also include areas such as energy and climate, as well as closer cooperation in the defence industry.

On the occasion of Lammy’s visit, the Foreign Office also announced that shortly before the NATO summit beginning in Washington on Tuesday, the focus was also on “how we can make our support for #Ukraine even more effective together with our allies.” The aim was to become more defensive in Europe and to strengthen NATO’s European pillar.

The United Kingdom is an indispensable part of Europe, it continued. Whether in science, culture or security – Germany and Great Britain work closely together. In addition, they want to make joint progress in international climate policy.