Good news for retirees came from the backstage! They will announce it in the next few days


Lerato Khumalo

The countdown has ended for millions of retirees. The Turkish Statistical Institute announced the latest data that will affect salary increases. June inflation has been determined, and the increase rate for civil servants and retirees has become clear. After the data, the increase rate for SSK and Bağ-Kur retirees was 25.73 percent, and for civil servants and retirees, it was 19.31 percent.

Although there were signals from the government that there would be no welfare share, the lobbies became active after the danger of a “zero increase” awaiting SSK and Bağkur retirees following the 24.73 percent increase.

Social Security Expert Dilek Ete said that a statement could come from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan within a few days. Ete also gave a rate for the welfare share.

In light of the announced data, the increase rates were as follows:

6-month inflation: 24.73 percent
6-month SSK, Bağ-Kur retirement increase: 24.73 percent
6-month civil servant inflation difference: 8.46 percent
6-month collective agreement salary increase for civil servants: 10 percent
Increase rate including 6-month inflation difference: 19.31 percent