Turkey fans show “wolf salute” during national anthem


Lerato Khumalo

There was a scandal at the European Championship quarter-finals in Berlin. Several Turkish fans showed the right-wing extremist “wolf salute” during their team’s national anthem.

The European Championship quarter-final between Turkey and the Netherlands has already produced unpleasant scenes before kick-off. During the Turkish national team’s anthem, several fans performed the right-wing extremist “wolf salute”, for which defender Merih Demiral was banned after his goals against Austria in the round of 16.

The wolf salute is a hand sign that is considered the identifying symbol of the followers of the right-wing extremist Turkish “Ülkücü” movement. They are also called the “Grey Wolves”.

Before the match, the Turkish ultras had already called for the “wolf salute” to be shown during the national anthem. A request that was apparently followed by many of the team’s supporters.