Election researcher warns Democrats against ousting Biden


Lerato Khumalo

After the TV debate between Biden and Trump, there is increasing speculation about a possible replacement of the Democratic candidate. Now a well-known historian has weighed in.

US President Joe Biden’s weak performance in the TV debate with Donald Trump has fueled speculation about a possible replacement of the Democratic candidate. The well-known US historian and election researcher Allan Lichtman has now warned the Democratic Party against replacing Biden. Lichtman said in an interview with CNN: “This is all foolhardy nonsense.”

He continued: “The same experts and pollsters who misled us in 2016 are giving the Democrats terrible advice. This proves what I have been saying for years,” said the historian. “The Republicans have no principles. But the Democrats have no backbone,” said Lichtman. The Republicans, meanwhile, are clinging to a “blatant liar” who lied every minute and 20 seconds of this debate, said the US researcher.

Lichtman stressed that the poor debate performance was surmountable and that Democrats should support Biden. This is the only way they have a chance of winning the election. “Debates are not predictive of election results,” said Lichtman, who correctly predicted nine out of ten of the past elections.

“Hillary Clinton won all three debates and still lost. John Kerry won all three debates and still lost. Barack Obama was crushed in the polls by 72 percent to 20 percent, worse than Biden, and still won.”

After the duel with Republican Trump, Biden is facing calls from within the Democrats to withdraw from the campaign for the presidential election on November 5. The 81-year-old has so far rejected this, and leading Democrats have also recently rejected it.

According to insiders, however, Biden could now seek direct contact with voters and journalists. The aim is to reassure the Democrats, as two people familiar with the planning explained. Town hall meetings, individual interviews with journalists or a press conference are being considered. Experts welcomed the plans.

“It would be great to see President Biden hold several press conferences over the next few weeks,” said Jennifer Holdsworth, a Democratic strategist. “Then a strong speech at the convention could help dispel any remaining doubts among voters.”