Biden in ABC interview: I was exhausted


Lerato Khumalo

After Joe Biden’s weak performance in the TV debate with Donald Trump, criticism of the US president is mounting. All information in the news blog.

0.55 am: In an interview with US broadcaster ABC, US President Joe Biden admitted that he was not fit for the TV debate with Donald Trump. “I was exhausted. I didn’t trust my instincts when it came to preparing,” Biden said in a video clip that was released in advance. He was sick and felt terrible as he prepared for the debate at Camp David. When asked whether he watched the debate again later, Biden gave a rather confused answer: “I don’t think so.” When asked whether he had already noticed how he was feeling during the debate, Biden said: “I just had a bad evening.”

11:55 p.m.: US President Joe Biden made a promise in a combative speech about his presidential candidacy and once again caused ridicule. “Let me say this as clearly as I can: I am staying in the race. I will beat Donald Trump,” said the 81-year-old US President at a campaign event in Madison, Wisconsin.

Biden added: “I will beat him again in 2020.” He was wrong about the year, because the election will take place in November of this year – so in 2024 and not 2020. “By the way, we will do it again in 2024,” he corrected himself immediately afterwards.

Normally, such a slip of the tongue would not be dramatic. But the Democrat is currently fighting on all fronts to save his presidential candidacy. In recent days, the pressure on him has grown significantly – both some party members and major donors have turned against him. Every statement and every appearance of the 81-year-old is now being closely scrutinized.

11:34 p.m.: Democratic Representative Brad Sherman has pointed out that delegates at the Democratic National Convention in August do not automatically have to vote for Biden. “Contrary to popular belief, Democratic Party rules do NOT require that confirmed delegates vote for Biden at the convention. Party rules require that delegates’ votes ‘reflect the feelings of those who elected them’ when delegates cast their votes,” he wrote on X.

21:52: After the TV debacle against his Republican challenger Donald Trump, Joe Biden insists on staying in the presidential race. “Let me say this as clearly as I can: I’m staying in the race. I’m going to beat Donald Trump,” said the 81-year-old US president at a campaign event in Madison, Wisconsin.

It is the first of two appearances on Friday that will be closely watched. On Friday evening (local time), ABC News will broadcast an interview that was recorded during the day. Many Democrats have called on Biden in recent days to prove his suitability as a presidential candidate. He should read less from the teleprompter, engage in open conversations and conduct interviews with journalists. However, Biden and his team have severely limited his public appearances in the past week.