Salary promotion for mukhtars is 46 thousand TL


Lerato Khumalo

The headman salary protocol, which increased the salary promotion agreement for the central village and neighborhood headmen of Erzincan for the period 2024/2029 from 15 thousand TL to 46 thousand TL, was held in the Provincial Special Administration meeting hall with the participation of Deputy Governor and Provincial Special Secretary General Mehmet Emre Canpolat, Yapı Kredi Bank Erzincan Branch Manager Taki Ölmeztürk, Financial Services Manager Fatih Kalkan and other officials.

Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Canpolat wished all mukhtars good luck and said, “As a result of the long efforts and endeavors of our Provincial Special Administration, a salary promotion agreement of 46 thousand TL per person, 6,624,000.00 TL in total, was signed for all central village and neighborhood mukhtars instead of 15 thousand TL per person, 2,160,000.00 TL in total, breaking a Turkish record. May this figure, which is approximately 3 salaries, be good for all mukhtars. I wish you to use it in healthy and peaceful days.”