Trump adviser wants election to be repeated if he loses


Lerato Khumalo

In a secret recording, Trump’s adviser Roger Stone reveals plans to challenge the 2024 election results. They could even rely on a judge.

Roger Stone, long-time adviser to Donald Trump, has outlined plans to challenge the 2024 election results in a secret recording. In it, Stone explains that Trump and his team will be “offensive” and better prepared than in 2020. It is now easier to challenge the election result – with “lawyers, judges and technology”.

“If they do it this time, at least they have a lawyer and a judge – they have his home phone number – so you can stop it,” Stone says at one point. The recording, which Rolling Stone exclusively obtained, contains conversations between Stone and two journalists posing as fans.

Stone expressed optimism about Trump’s chances and predicted that charges against Trump would be dismissed. “We’re beating them,” Stone said, referring to delays and dismissals of the lawsuits against Trump.

Stone suggested that the Trump movement is willing to use various means to ensure Trump wins. He also mentioned that the Republican Party now has more resources available for election monitoring. Stone talked about “changes in state law” and real-time voter list monitoring.