National technology is ready to hit the road to make vehicles ‘talk’!


Lerato Khumalo

ULAK Communications, which operates to bring national communication systems to the country and minimize foreign dependency in this field, brings new technologies to the country with its capabilities.

ULAK Communications leads the development of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology in Turkey, which enables vehicles to communicate with each other and the infrastructure around them with the products it develops.

This technology aims to increase vehicle safety, improve traffic efficiency and support autonomous driving systems. While V2X technology is expected to become reliable and comprehensive in the near future, it is also expected to reach widespread use around the world.

Thanks to this technology, vehicles will communicate with traffic signals, road works and emergency vehicles, providing benefits in many areas such as collision prevention, traffic light optimization, increasing pedestrian safety and reducing carbon emissions.

ULAK Communications is carrying out various pilot projects to improve the applicability of this technology in Turkey. V2X used as part of intelligent transportation systems; It offers critical solutions for traffic management, emergency services and autonomous vehicle technologies.


ULAK Communication develops local and national products in the field of V2X technology in order to encourage domestic innovation. While the products developed in this context took part in national and international fairs, they also started to be tested on the platforms of vehicle manufacturers in Turkey.

Nationally developed V2X systems will be able to carry many data such as location information, speed, fuel level, tire pressure, brake sensitivity and on-vehicle anomalies, as well as vital functions such as collision detection. In addition, with the developed scenarios, many frequently used scenarios such as smart intersection applications, emergency braking situations, weather information, locations of road works, encounters with ambulances and similar priority vehicles, and transfer of parking lot information can be digitally animated.

With the spread of 5G and beyond technologies around the world, machine-to-machine communication is emerging as a major area of ​​use. The aim is to increase the number of devices per square kilometer from 1 million in 5G to 10 million in 6G. In this period when information security will come to the fore, the development and use of domestic solutions is of critical importance.