The era of ‘artificial intelligence’ has begun in Moroccan courts


Lerato Khumalo

Artificial intelligence technology has begun to be used in courts in Morocco.

Minister of Justice Abdullatif Vehbi said at the meeting of the Justice Committee in the House of Representatives, the first house of the parliament, that artificial intelligence has now begun to be used in Moroccan courts.

Vehbi stated that thanks to the program they bought, there was no need to write down the decisions and the program transferred the statements to the digital environment, and said, “Artificial intelligence has provided facilities that have changed many things in the world.” said.

Vehbi stated that the program aims to facilitate the work of judges and lawyers. Stating that a law on the use of artificial intelligence was passed in Morocco on May 14, 2024, Vehbi stated that the artificial intelligence law in question “aims to prevent what happens on social media, where people’s private lives are not respected.” .