Donald Trump stumbles in the election campaign – but still ahead of Joe Biden


Lerato Khumalo

Trump is making one slip-up after another in the election campaign. But because he is still ahead of Joe Biden in the polls, many Democrats are becoming increasingly afraid of his election victory.

They had probably imagined it a little differently. Around 100 CEOs of the largest American companies met Donald Trump at a private meeting on Thursday. Several of those present were “discouraged” and “frustrated” afterwards, reports journalist Andrew Sorkin on American television.

The 78-year-old was “completely confused” and “could not think clearly”. He often jumped from one topic to the next and was unable to follow a clear line. After all, he bizarrely justified his campaign promise to reduce corporate tax from 21 to 20 percent by saying that it would finally be “a round number”. Instead of being happy about the election gift addressed to them, this explanation probably caused the company bosses to shake their heads.

The election may still be a few months away, but the USA is already in the middle of the election campaign. Voters will most likely face the same decision on November 5 as in 2020 – only the roles have been reversed: incumbent Joe Biden (81) will run against challenger Donald Trump (78).

The most discussed topic so far is the age of the two candidates. Republicans dissect every public appearance of Biden and distribute videos in which he appears like a fragile old man who is becoming increasingly rigid. Although these are often shortened and distort reality, it is obvious that Biden has changed with age.

Video | US President disorientated? Scene fuels rumors

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There are rumours behind closed doors that Biden’s slip-ups are becoming more frequent behind closed doors, writes the conservative “Wall Street Journal”. According to the report, members of Congress who had negotiated with Biden about Ukraine aid told the newspaper that the president sometimes spoke so quietly that no one could understand him. He also took longer and longer pauses between speaking and closed his eyes for longer periods of time, leaving those present wondering whether he was still there. The White House has dismissed these reports as party politics and made it clear that Biden is astute.

But the opinion that Biden is too old has long been entrenched. 81 percent of voters therefore have serious reservations about the incumbent, according to a survey by the television channel ABC. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, more than 6 out of 10 voters believe he is no longer mentally fit for the job. Trump, who is three years younger, consistently performs better than Biden in surveys on criteria such as “mental fitness” and “mental health.”

However, the challenger has another weakness: more than half of voters have expressed reservations about Trump’s stability and judgment in several polls. While he made some bizarre appearances during his first term in office, such moments seem to be becoming more frequent as he gets older.

Trump is increasingly confusing names, places and events. He recently asked Biden to take a cognitive test to prove his mental strength. He recommended the former White House doctor “Doc Ronny Johnson”, whose real name is Ronny Jackson. But even if Trump has no memory lapses, his speeches are increasingly incomprehensible.

At a recent campaign event, Trump lost himself in a topic that has been on his mind for many years: sharks. In a train of thought that is difficult to follow, he asked the crowd what he considered to be a “very good question” about whether electric shocks or sharks were worse. His answer: he would rather die from an electric shock than get too close to sharks. The porn actress and alleged ex-lover of Trump, Stormy Daniels, spoke about his shark obsession in an interview in 2011.