Support payments transferred to farmers’ accounts


Lerato Khumalo

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı shared a post about agricultural support payments on his social media account X.

Yumaklı, who reported that they transferred the support payments to the farmers’ accounts today, noted the following in his post:

“Agricultural insurance premium support of 1 billion 861 million 119 thousand liras, rural development investment support of 7 million 405 thousand 130 liras, certified seed production support of 5 million 725 thousand 429 liras, grain legume-grain corn support of 3 million 261 thousand 741 liras and soil analysis support of 1 million 627 thousand 700 liras, a total of 1 billion 879 million 139 thousand liras, may it be beneficial and fruitful for our farmers.”