Secret meeting between Biden’s doctor and Parkinson’s expert


Lerato Khumalo

He is said to have been to the White House eight times. Visits by a well-known neurologist raise questions about the US President’s mental state.

Joe Biden’s personal physician is said to have met with one of the leading US neurologists in the White House. According to White House visitor logs viewed by the New York Post, Dr. Kevin Cannard, an expert in Parkinson’s disease at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, met with Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the doctor who has been treating the president for years. The meeting is said to have taken place in January.

The neurologist has apparently been a frequent guest at the White House, with records showing eight visits since March 2023. Most recently, he met with Megan Nasworthy, who is a liaison between the White House and Walter Reed Hospital.

There is constant speculation about Biden’s mental health. The reason is his slip-ups. For example, he could not remember whether he watched the TV debate again after his debacle, but during an appearance on Saturday he said he wanted to beat Trump in 2020. Biden told a radio station that he was proud to be “the first black woman to work with a black president.”

Biden’s election team is apparently trying to limit the damage. In a radio interview, questions were given to the moderators in advance by the White House. “They gave me the exact questions I should ask,” Earl Ingram of Wisconsin Radio told the Associated Press. “There was no back and forth.” Andrea Lawful-Sanders of Philadelphia Civic Radio told CNN that she had received eight questions and selected four of them. Representatives of the Biden campaign have described this as standard practice, and that the questions were suggestions and not mandatory.