Restaurants and cafes under the spotlight! Those businesses were hit with fines by the Ministry of Commerce


Lerato Khumalo

In the inspections carried out by the Provincial Directorates of Trade under the Ministry of Trade in 114,567 companies, a total of 21,659 non-compliances were detected and administrative fines of 47,043,348.00 Turkish Liras were imposed.

In the statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that as a result of the widespread inspection process carried out within the scope of the said regulation; it was observed that the application was adopted by the service providers and compliance was ensured by showing the necessary care, and due to the transparency provided by the consumers, the trust in the seller increased and effective results were obtained in the eyes of both the service providers and our consumers.

It was emphasized that the Ministry of Trade will continue its inspection activities without interruption and that it is important for companies to pay attention to the specified issues in order to avoid being faced with penal sanctions imposed for each violation detected.