Mysterious object of war, secret Russian technology?


Lerato Khumalo

Not a day goes by in the Russia-Ukraine War without a new speculation about the new weapons used. This time, new objects detected from space and by Ukrainian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have become a global issue of curiosity. The numerous mysterious spherical technological objects seen in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories have excited military and intelligence experts. There are many claims on the agenda about the spheres, which are small for air radars but large for agricultural activities and mostly camouflaged by Russia.

According to US military sources, the spherical objects could be Russia’s new EW (Electronic Warfare) weapons.

This time, “unidentified spherical objects” are being discussed in the Russia-Ukraine War. According to the information shared by the US-based international defense publication The War Zone (TWZ) There is an ongoing debate about what the spheres, most of which are camouflaged and number more than 300, are in Russian-occupied Ukraine. Here are the claims about the green spheres:


US military sources say that some of the spheres in question are on armored military vehicles, camouflaged and located at pre-prepared mobile station points. They claim that Russia may have new EW (Electronic Warfare) weapons. According to US military sources, the objects “could be an upgraded version of Russia’s ‘1B75’ battery system.” This system can find the source of enemy artillery and rocket fire thanks to its acoustic system and thermal imaging capabilities, and can conduct radio-electronic warfare called ‘REB’. Ukrainian military sources also consider the possibility that the objects could be base protection devices that detect radio frequencies.


NATO intelligence sources, on the other hand, believe that the objects in question could be air and soil measurement devices used to increase agricultural productivity. The opinion of intelligence sources, who think that there are agricultural measuring devices of a similar shape in China, Canada, the USA and Germany, is not enough to satisfy the curiosity on the subject. Ukrainian authorities think that since there is not even a ceasefire agreement, it is not logical for Russia to “put aside the war and think about agriculture in the occupied territories”. On the other hand, according to NATO experts, the fact that these spheres frequently disappear and reappear does not fit the logic of stable agricultural technology.

Mysterious object of war, secret Russian technology? - Image : 2
According to Ukrainian experts, similarly shaped objects are also used by the United States to disrupt radio frequencies.


It is also stated that the spherical objects in the images published by the Ukrainian intelligence on the Telegram channel “disappeared” in a short time. Intelligence sources do not provide any information about the region where the images were taken. Ukrainian radio communications expert Serhii Beskrestno, on the other hand, claims that the objects in the images are data jammers used by Russia to disrupt communications on the Ukrainian front. Beskrestno states that similar-looking vehicles are also used in the United States for the same purpose.

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