Michelle Obama’s chances against Trump


Lerato Khumalo

Will Joe Biden continue or do the US Democrats need an alternative? A certain woman could still catch up with Trump, according to a poll.

The rumor mill in Washington is bubbling: No sooner had the “New York Times” mentioned a possible withdrawal of Joe Biden from the race for the US presidential candidacy than a denial came from the White House. He will continue, said his spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. But speculation about possible alternatives to Biden continues. According to polls, only one woman could pull the Democrats out of their current slump: Michelle Obama.

The 60-year-old wife of former US President Barack Obama is repeatedly mentioned as a possible candidate. However, she has so far turned down an application. Current surveys by Reuters and the Ipsos Institute on Tuesday show that she would have a great chance. If Americans could choose between her and Trump, according to the survey, 50 percent would vote for the former First Lady and 39 percent for Trump. Only four percent said they were undecided. 1,070 people were surveyed between July 1 and 2.

Another possible candidate is Vice President Kamala Harris, who, according to a report by “The Hill”, received 42 percent in the Ipsos poll, while Trump received 43 percent.

According to new surveys by the New York Times and the Siena Poll Institute, Donald Trump is now six percentage points ahead of Joe Biden. The challenger is at 49 percent, while Biden has fallen to 43 percent since the TV debate last week. According to the newspaper, this is the largest lead Trump has had in Siena polls since 2015.

Biden’s health apparently plays a major role in the voters’ vote. According to the New York Times, 74 percent of respondents (previously 66 percent) said that the 81-year-old is too old for the presidency. This opinion was expressed by the majority of Biden supporters as well as in all demographic groups.