Last year, SGK cancelled the insurance of 88,455 people


Lerato Khumalo

SGK, which continues its inspections against fake workplaces and fake insured people within the scope of combating unregistered employment, has accelerated its work in this field through the “Fake Insurance and Fake Workplace Tracking Platform”.

Last year, in a total of 101,794 inspections throughout Turkey, especially in provinces where unregistered employment is intense, 1,533 workplaces were determined to be fake, while 88,455 people were found to have paid insurance premiums despite not working or to have been shown as insured through fake workplaces.

In this way, SGK canceled the insurance of those who were shown as insured, deleted the services that were found to be fake, canceled the pensions, and took back the salaries and other payments made with interest.

The institution, which also imposes sanctions on businesses in case of detection of forgery, cancels the registration record, e-insurance password and business registration number of the business that was detected to be fake from the beginning, and collects the incentives and supports that were used unnecessarily with late payment penalties and late payment interest.


Mustafa Şahin, Chairman of the Social Security Auditors Association, stated in his statement that fake workplaces and fake insurance are one of the chronic problems of the social security system.

Emphasizing that SGK continues its work throughout Türkiye with 2 thousand 750 social security inspectors, Şahin said:

“Fake workplaces and fake insurance cases are mostly seen in provinces where unregistered employment is high. Fake insurance is commonly carried out in workplaces belonging to relatives or acquaintances. Recently, we have detected an increase in fake insurance, especially for pregnant women. In addition, it is possible to receive temporary disability benefit from SSI. “As social security auditors, we continue to work meticulously against all ways and methods that harm the state in the field of social security.”

Şahin stated that they have lower personnel rights than other public audit personnel, depending on the risk and nature of the work performed, and that they want their personnel rights to be equalized with central audit personnel, and added:

“We demand that social security auditors working under provincial directorates be organized under the SSI central organization and as group presidencies in metropolitan cities. We conveyed this request to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the SSI Presidency, which will enable social security auditors to work more effectively and efficiently, in accordance with the savings measures in the public sector.”