And then Biden actually falls into Trump’s trap


Lerato Khumalo

In the first TV debate, Trump and Biden were irreconcilable. It was a disastrous evening for one of them. Panic apparently broke out in his party.

It was not a friendly encounter. No greeting between the two. No handshake. No smile. Donald Trump and Joe Biden entered the stage in the basketball arena in Atlanta, which had been converted into a TV studio, as fierce opponents.

Trump, the challenger for the most important and influential political office in the world, made it clear right away what he had in mind. Argument. The man, in whose hotels in Atlantic City many big boxing matches and later wrestling events were held in the 1980s and 1990s, acted aggressively. US President Joe Biden also tried an offensive tactic. And so this debate developed early on into a verbal brawl between two political stars.

  • 1. Highlight: Trump lands the first punch

When it came to immigration, things got really heated for the first time. Experts consider the issue to be a decisive factor in the election. When asked what he intended to do with regard to migration, Biden first praised his previous policies and then listed various political measures he would take to address the migration crisis. Biden mumbled his remarks a little at the end. Trump immediately seized this opportunity.

Like a boxer who has spotted a weakness in his opponent’s defense, he prepared to throw a hard right. “I don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. And I don’t think he knows either,” Trump mocked his opponent. Biden’s eyes widened. He couldn’t object, his microphone was turned off.

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“We don’t have any borders anymore,” Trump continued. “People are coming in here and killing our citizens. They (the Democrats) call it migrant crime, I call it Biden migrant crime. We’ve really become an uncivilized country because he opened the borders. He opened the borders.”

Trump was now in forward gear, Biden was on the ropes. The challenger was bombarding his opponent with verbal low blows. Biden seemed to be on the ropes.

  • 2. Highlight: Biden counters: “You are a loser”

Then the 81-year-old Democrat remembered to list the achievements of his time in office, he outlined something like a government program for a second term. Also in terms of foreign policy. At the same time, he quoted statements by Trump, who is said to have scolded US military and soldiers as “idiots” and “losers”. Biden returned this insult in the TV debate: “You’re the sucker, you’re the loser,” he hurled at Trump.

But he didn’t want to leave it at that: “Our military doesn’t like this guy, they think he’s the worst commander in chief ever,” said the 78-year-old, assuring that he knew this from a reliable source. “I’ve never heard so much nonsense, honestly,” Biden replied.

The president struck another blow. “What did you do?” Biden asked rhetorically. “You had sex with a porn star, even while your wife was pregnant.” Trump seemed surprised by the attack, he shook himself briefly and then countered: “First of all, I have never had sex with a porn star,” he insisted. He didn’t say anything more on the subject. Not a word about his family or his wife Melania. She, by the way, did not fly to Atlanta to support her husband at the debate.

Instead, the former president explained how much he believes the New York justice system’s prosecution is a pure smear campaign by the Democrats. Trump had been convicted by a Manhattan court of falsifying business records and illegally influencing the election campaign. He described himself as a victim of the Democratic-dominated justice system and now went on the defensive, pulling his guard up.

  • 3. Highlight: Biden has problems with pronunciation

Even at the beginning of the duel, Biden seemed frail. His speech was often unclear, his facial expressions strangely changed. After giving answers, he often looked into space, as if he were staring into a tunnel.