Metropolitan Municipality decided to discount water bills for retirees and students


Lerato Khumalo

In the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council, articles including a 50 percent discount on water bills for university students, those aged 65 and over and retirees, and a 20 percent discount for retirees at EYOF Social Facilities were unanimously accepted. Various discounts made to make the lives of retirees easier and enable them to spend more time in social areas were appreciated by citizens.


Speaking about the discounts, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç said that they will respond to the call for the ‘Turkey Century 2024 Year of Retirees’ declared under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and continue to touch the lives of retirees. Genç said, “In the Century of Turkey, the year 2024 was declared as the year of retirees by the President. As a requirement of respect for the labor of our retirees, on the one hand, we put forth an effort to sustain their individual lives, while on the other hand, they added value to both our city and our country in the public and private sectors they served, they produced value, they added value to the development of our country. Therefore, as a requirement of respect for this labor, we talked with our friends and consulted with our associations about what could be done in our cities in parallel with the will put forth by our President. After a good consultation with our ministry and provincial directorate, we realized a 50 percent discount on water for our valuable retirees. We unanimously received the parliamentary decision and announced it. Of course, we will not leave it at that.”


Announcing that new decisions will be added to the welcomed decisions, Genç said, “We have also made a 20 percent discount in these social facilities belonging to our municipality, which is one of the beautiful centers of our city, to cover all our retirees. We have also taken this step. Seeing that this gives great satisfaction to our valuable retirees makes us happy in this regard.” “It makes us happy and motivating. On the one hand, we are taking these steps in parallel with the determined steps of our state and government, under the leadership of our President. I hope more will come, because whatever we do for them is their right. I hope it will be beneficial.”


Genç, who also stated that they plan to make a decision on natural gas discounts for university students before the season starts, said, “Our city is a student city. We have also put on our agenda how to make our students’ practical lives easier without harming their education life. We are applying the same discounts to them. We will support our students both in terms of water and natural gas, which we have promised and have not yet decided on, for the 3 students staying at home. We will also have extra support in terms of transportation, which is the most important demand from our students. We will also make a decision on natural gas before the season starts. Let them live happily in our city; because we have all gone through the student process. It is very valuable for them to feel that our municipality is with them regarding their physical needs. Because they are going through difficult processes; they are our precious ones.”