How much will the minimum retirement salary be? The expert gave two figures


Lerato Khumalo

It was learned that an additional study was carried out for the 1.8 million retirees who receive the lowest pension. Labor economist Tarkan Zengin made evaluations to Haber Global regarding the possible regulation.

Zengin said, “It was decided that the minimum salary, which we call the completion salary of SSK and Bağ-Kur retirees, would be completed to 10 thousand for those below 10 thousand. According to the news reflected in the media on this issue, there is a study stating that steps will be taken. A clear statement can be made today at the AK Party Central Executive Committee meeting and at the level of ministries working on this issue as to whether there will be a new step. If there will be, how much it will be, we will hear this figure.”

Rich continued:

“It is likely that I had a cabinet meeting last Wednesday before the figures were known, and I had learned that the ministry had made a presentation, and that the completion salaries were presented in alternative ways. The cabinet will decide on this. The possibility of a figure between 12,000 and 12,500 is seen as a strong possibility. We also know that expectations are met or not met as a result of every study, and they may not be met. It is a sensitive issue that concerns millions of people.”