2 million 353 thousand 228 vehicles underwent exhaust inspection in the first quarter of the year


Lerato Khumalo

Pollution from motor vehicles accounts for the majority of air pollution in cities.

As the number of vehicles in traffic and traffic congestion increases, vehicle-related air pollutant emissions also increase at the same rate.

In order to prevent the negative effects due to increases in the number of vehicles, the Ministry is carrying out studies on the control of exhaust gas emissions.

In this context, the Exhaust Gas Emission Measurement Tracking System was established in order to monitor exhaust gas emission measurements, detect vehicles that do not have measurements, and prevent irregular measurements.


With the tracking system implemented since January 2018, all exhaust emission measurements are carried out electronically, and the photographic record of the measured vehicles and all measurement information are recorded in the system and monitored by the Ministry.

Accordingly, between January 1 and March 31, covering the first quarter of this year, the Ministry carried out exhaust inspection of 2 million 353 thousand 228 vehicles across the country.

A fine of 3 million 951 thousand 680 liras was imposed on 378 vehicle owners who failed the inspection.

With this tracking system, issuing stamps without measuring and interfering with measurement results is eliminated, while the use of fake emission stamps and licenses is prevented.