Which insurance coverage makes sense for bikers?


Lerato Khumalo

Spring is here – and with it the motorcycle season. Before bikers set off, not only the machine but also the insurance should be in good shape.

Safety comes first – especially on a motorcycle. If something does happen, the right insurance cover is important. But which one is right for whom?

First of all: no biker can avoid insurance. Motorcycle liability insurance is compulsory, just like for a car.

It regulates damage caused to third parties by oneself. Such as personal injury, property damage or financial loss, explains the Association of Insured Persons (BdV) and recommends a flat-rate coverage amount of 100 million euros for these types of damage.

Voluntary partial comprehensive insurance can also cover your own damages – for example, due to theft, short circuits in cables or accidents involving wild animals. The BdV recommends that the insurer waives the so-called objection of gross negligence in causing the insured event.

Only then will the insurer pay out, for example, if you leave your motorcycle outside despite a storm warning and damage occurs as a result. Otherwise, it could happen that the insurer does not pay out at all or only pays out a small amount.

Fully comprehensive insurance offers the same benefits as partially comprehensive insurance, but goes even further. It also covers accidents caused by the rider and damage to the motorcycle caused by vandalism. However, taking out a policy should be carefully considered, says the BdV: The premiums are often high due to the accident risk of motorcyclists, and insurers sometimes have strict acceptance guidelines.

On its website, the BdV offers a free comparison calculator for car insurance in cooperation with the insurance software manufacturer Nafi.