Türkiye Pensioners Platform: The income gap between retirees and employees has been exceeded, improvements should be made


Lerato Khumalo

Çalışkan, at the press conference he held at the All Retirees Association Headquarters on the occasion of Retirees Week, stated that the living standards of retirees in Turkey are lagging behind those in Europe.

Stating that people who retire after a long working life dream of living the rest of their lives in peace and prosperity without worrying about the future, Çalışkan said, “We want to unionize as retirees. The only group that is not at the table when their rights are discussed is retirees. Unfortunately, no one consults us about ‘what should we give, what should we do’.”

Çalışkan said that the flat rate increase given to employees in 2023 far exceeds the income gap between retirees and employees.

Çalışkan, who wanted the base salary to be brought to the minimum wage level, stated that they demanded that retirement salaries be improved.