These health insurance companies will increase the additional contribution in 2024


Lerato Khumalo

The statutory health insurance companies have published their new additional contribution. Who increased it at the turn of the year – and where it is now cheaper.

Not only can a change of electricity and gas provider be worthwhile in the new year, the health insurance companies also decide every year in December what will happen with their contribution rate. We show you which health insurance companies are increasing the contribution, which are keeping it constant and where it is even cheaper (as of January 3, 2024, no guarantee).

The Federal Ministry of Health had previously set an increase in the average additional contribution from 1.6 to 1.7 percent. However, this is only a calculated value from which the health insurance companies can deviate. The additional contribution is charged individually by each insurance company depending on its financial needs and in addition to the general contribution rate of currently 14.6 percent.

Good to know: Since mid-2023, health insurance companies have to inform their members about higher additional contributions with a separate letter. Previously, insured persons had to find out for themselves if they wanted to know what their health insurance company was planning – for example on their website.

If your insurance company tells you that it is going to increase your premium, you can think about switching. This is because an increase in premiums gives you a special right of termination. You can read more about this here.

“Changing health insurance providers is an easy way to have more money in your wallet every month,” says Daniel Güssow, Managing Director of Statutory Health Insurance at the comparison portal Check24. “Consumers can save directly on their monthly premiums.”

Changing health insurance is now much easier for members of a statutory health insurance company: They no longer have to cancel their current insurance and request a cancellation confirmation, but can take out a new health insurance policy directly. The new health insurance company will then send the cancellation notice.

There is no need to worry about a gap in insurance. If consumers were already insured before, the new insurance company cannot reject their application – even if they are older, have pre-existing conditions or are already undergoing treatment.

However, it is worth not just looking at the costs. Additional services such as certain vaccinations, examinations or preventive care can vary depending on the health insurance company. These should also be taken into account when comparing providers.