These are the most expensive houses in Germany


Lerato Khumalo

Here, a square meter costs as much as a new car: to buy the most expensive properties in the country, prospective buyers have to earn as much as a professional footballer.

Many Germans can no longer afford a normal terraced house, but the prices of the most expensive houses in Germany are in a completely different sphere. The online platform Immoscout24 has evaluated the top ten houses for sale – one city is surprisingly often represented.

First place on the list is, however, entirely to be expected: it is occupied by a thatched house on Sylt, which stands in a secluded location and is available for 15.5 million euros. The upscale town of Kampen is just a stroll through the dunes away. If you prefer something a little livelier, you will find what you are looking for in the center of Westerland. There is a modern townhouse near the beach, which is downright affordable with a purchase price of 7.5 million euros.

A real hotspot for luxury real estate does not seem to be Munichbut the capital Berlin: Three of the ten most expensive houses in Germany are located there. Among them is the second most expensive house in the Federal Republic: a 13.5 million Euro Art Nouveau villa with a turret in the upscale district of Grunewald.

The third most expensive house is in Munich-Bogenhausen and offers a wellness area and a wine cellar for 13.2 million euros. Stuttgart also made it into the top ten with a completely renovated villa with a panoramic view of the city for 7.8 million euros. The major cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf are not included in the list.

At least the new federal states are represented once. In the neighborhood of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, a property not only offers a sea view, but also 20 rooms and six garages. Purchase price: 7.5 million euros. A viewing is only possible after presentation of proof of equity or financing.

Here is an overview of the top ten:

The list of the ten most expensive houses is sorted by purchase price. However, the price per square meter varies greatly: while you have to reckon with 38,750 euros per square meter for the Dünen-Haus in Kampen, the price for the Berlin Art Nouveau villa is 11,165 euros. In Munich-Bogenhausen you pay 23,158 euros per square meter and the Ostseevilla offers the cheapest price per square meter among the ten most expensive houses at 10,714 euros.

For comparison: The average asking price for houses for sale in Germany is 2,727 euros for existing properties and 3,724 euros for new properties.