The most popular holiday routes


Lerato Khumalo

The tourism industry is preparing to make a quick start to the season, with Eid al-Adha and the start of school summer holidays coinciding with the same period. After the holiday was extended to 9 days, plans started to accelerate. Visa-free routes, nature and cultural tours are on the most sought-after list. While the demand for car rental increased during the holiday, the cities most searched by citizens were Antalya and Mersin. Mersin was followed by Muğla, Balıkesir and İzmir.

Antalya comes first in citizens’ holiday searches.


Explaining why the demand for Antalya has increased, Gökhan Sivrikaya, CEO of a holiday search platform, said: “There are many businesses offering different accommodation alternatives in Antalya. For those who want to stay outside the hotel concept, the apartments and hostels in the center offer accommodation alternatives suitable for every budget. Those who want to have an even more affordable holiday have been adding Mersin to their holiday routes since last year. “Muğla and Balıkesir always take their place among the favorite destinations of holiday lovers,” he said.


Citizens generally prefer to go on holiday on the second day of the holiday, and research shows that hotels are most frequently checked in on these dates. Mehmet Kamçı, who works as a manager in a travel company, is an indispensable holiday alternative for holidays with special concerts. Along with Cyprus, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, as well as Egypt and the Balkan countries that can be visited without a visa He said that nearby foreign destinations such as Turkey stand out as the favorites of domestic tourists. Those with Schengen visas and green passports generally have a holiday priority in Europe.

The most popular holiday routes - Picture: 2
The most popular visa-free route is the Balkans.


Kamçı underlined that the Balkans region, known for its cultural tours, has recently become an important alternative for sea holiday lovers and said, “Located on the Adriatic coast. Montenegro’s cities such as Budva and Kotor and Albania’s coastal cities such as Ohrid, Saranda and Vlorë. “Our tours, which include tours, are among the first choices of those who want to see historical buildings and enjoy a sea holiday on uniquely beautiful beaches,” he said.


Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce President Ali Uçar stated that their occupancy rate is around 80 percent and said, “There are accommodations for every budget in Ayvalık. Apart from the sea, sand and sun, there are also nature parks, water sports and trips to historical places.” Accommodation in hotels starts from 2 thousand TL per person, and room prices start from 4 thousand TL and go up. We are neighbors with Lesbos Island. Accommodations there start from 50-55 Euros.

Again, there is a gate visa costing around 80 Euros and transfer fees starting from 30 Euros. Budgets on Lesbos Island are not as cheap as mentioned. If you make an early reservation and a correct plan for domestic tourism, there will be no problem. “When we look at the rate of foreign tourists, the number of foreign tourists in the Mediterranean region is also high,” he said.