TB3 dazzled, the eyes of the global media were on it


Lerato Khumalo

Expressions of praise came from the global defense press for the new favorites of the Turkish defense industry. While Jane’s, the world’s most respected international defense publication, highlighted the TB3 UAV and the Altay tank, the ALP-300G early warning radar was commented as “superior to most radars in its class”.

According to the information provided by global defense media outlet Jane’s Report, the TB3 UAV showed a strong performance by staying in the air for 395 hours and 43 minutes during the tests.


England-based Jane’s Report, which is considered the most respected defense publication in the world, included the information that the Bayraktar TB3 UCAV (Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), one of Turkey’s new favorites in aviation, has successfully completed its first runway take-off tests at the flight center in Edirne. The British publication also mentioned that the runway where TB3 successfully took off 4 times has the same dimensions as the runway on Turkey’s multi-purpose ship TCG Anadolu and has a 12-degree ramp. Stating that TB3 has successfully completed its last flight test process, the publication emphasized that the SİHA is ready to be deployed to Anatolia.


Last month, TB3 successfully passed low/medium and high altitude flight tests, as well as system identification and trial tests. According to the information provided by Jane’s, TB3 remained in the air for 395 hours and 43 minutes during the tests and was tested in an area of ​​5 thousand 700 km for 32 hours without landing on the ground. The fact that TB3 has the ‘Aselflir-500’ electro-optical observation, reconnaissance and target identification system produced by Aselsan also attracted the attention of the international press.


Jane’s also included developments regarding the Altay main battle tank in its pages. The publication included the information that mass production of the Altay tank will begin in line with the agreement signed with the Turkish Defense Industry Presidency. The article also emphasized that the Altay tank will be produced to meet the needs of the Turkish army. Jane’s for the Altay tank with advanced active protection shield, which has a 120 mm gun and 7.62 mm automatic firing system. He also commented, “BMC-produced Spider has become one of the best in its class thanks to its 360-degree situation awareness system.”

TB3 dazzled, the eyes of the global media were on it - Picture: 2
International defense media commented on the national battle tank Altay as “one of the best in its class”.


The US-based defense publication Defense News also featured the partnership established between Titra, the manufacturer of the national unmanned helicopter ‘ALPİN’, and European aviation giant Airbus. ALPİN, whose publication will be developed with the new partnership, will be able to operate on naval platforms and will be able to take off and land autonomously. The publication also emphasized that ALPİN, which carried out its first operational mission in the north of Iraq, is expected to have new features within 6 months. The US publication also included the information that ALPİN, which is 7 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and can carry 200 kg of ammunition, carries out its unmanned missions using satellite communication channels.


Another US-based global military news site, The Defense Post, commented that “TAF has a significant inventory” with the delivery of the ALP-300G early warning radar system produced by Aselsan to the Turkish army. It was also shared that the new system is Turkey’s longest range radar. In the analysis article, it was commented that “it is superior to most radars in its class in environmental image resolution, range and hit rates.”