Second-hand car sales have stopped: I haven’t seen anything like this in 30 years


Lerato Khumalo

The gallery owners stated that the prices were reduced by an average of 200 thousand TL, but despite this, there was a major stagnation in the sector.

Cem Tarık Figen, one of the gallery owners who noted that there was a serious stagnation in the sector, said, “Our sector is in great trouble, we have been in the sector for 20 years and we have never seen such a situation. The high interest rates have had a negative impact on the sector. The situation is not good. We spent the holiday without making any sales. Prices for vehicles worth one million have dropped to 750 thousand TL, yet there are no sales. Citizens do not invest in vehicles and prefer to invest their deposits in ministers. This also has a negative impact on the sector.”


Yeşiltepe Galericiler Sitesi Inspection Board Chairman Göksel Levent, who stated that they have been operating in the second-hand vehicle market for many years and that they have not encountered a similar situation until today, said, “We have been providing service in the sector for approximately 34 years. We have not experienced such a stagnation until today. The sector is struggling. People who come to our site come for the purpose of traveling. We expected there to be a movement with the holiday, but this did not happen either. Despite price decreases of up to 20-30 percent, we still cannot find customers. Citizens are investing their savings in ministers. Our sector is going through a very difficult period.”