Orbán wants to form new far-right faction


Lerato Khumalo

There will probably soon be a new far-right faction in the EU. Plans for this have now been announced by Hungary’s Prime Minister Orbán and FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the head of the right-wing populist FPÖ in Austria, Herbert Kickl, have announced the formation of a new far-right group in the European Parliament. Orbán and Kickl announced this on Sunday at a joint press conference with the former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in Vienna and called on other European parties to join the new alliance. Orbán’s Fidesz party is currently non-attached in the EU Parliament, while the FPÖ has so far belonged to the Identity and Democracy (ID) group.

The “Standard” newspaper had previously reported on rumors about such a faction. Orbán wrote in the newspaper “Magyar Nemzet” on Saturday: “Right-wing parties should form strong groups in the European Parliament and then develop cooperation between them.” And he continued: “We should turn our eyes to Paris and Vienna.” There will be two important events there.

Early parliamentary elections are taking place in France this Sunday. President Emmanuel Macron called the election after his party suffered a heavy defeat against the right-wing populist Rassemblement Nationale (RN) party. According to polls, Marine Le Pen’s party is in first place and could thus gain a majority in the new parliament.

More information coming soon.