Orbán escort crashes – police officer dies


Lerato Khumalo

During the visit of Hungarian head of state Viktor Orbán, there was a serious accident involving his escort. A police officer was killed.

A serious accident occurred when Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán left Germany. A 61-year-old police officer from the Stuttgart traffic police’s motorcycle squad was seriously injured. He died shortly afterwards in hospital. Another 27-year-old police officer was seriously injured. Orbán and his car were not involved in the accident. A spokesman for the Ludwigsburg police told t-online that the politician was able to continue his return journey without delays. Orbán was a guest at the Stuttgart football stadium on Sunday for the European Championship match between Hungary and Scotland.

The accident occurred when the traffic police were escorting the state guest to the airport at around 11:15 a.m. A 69-year-old driver apparently overlooked the fact that the intersection was closed to the escort when turning and crashed into the motorcycle of the 61-year-old police officer. The force of the impact then caused the vehicle to be thrown into the motorcycle of the younger colleague.

“We are deeply shocked by the accident of our colleague,” said Police Chief Markus Eisenbraun. “Our thoughts are with his family, relatives and friends. We send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to our colleague who was also seriously injured in the accident.”