Mammoths went extinct for “non-genetic” reasons


Lerato Khumalo

The research published in the journal “Cell” investigated the causes of the extinction of the woolly mammoth, whose Latin name is “mammuthus primigenius”.

The study stated that the cause of the extinction of woolly mammoths, which were stranded on Wrangel Island approximately 10 thousand years ago and became extinct 4 thousand years ago, was not “due to inbreeding” contrary to what was believed. The researchers, who examined the genes of 21 woolly mammoths via computer, determined that the mammoths “reproduced through inbreeding”.

“We can now reject the idea that they went extinct due to genetic reasons,” said Love Dalen, one of the researchers. he said.

Dalen said, “The findings show that mammoths became extinct due to a random event, and if this event had not occurred, mammoths would still be alive. We still do not have a clear idea of ​​what this event was. However, we think that the extinction occurred suddenly.” made his assessment.