Macron beaten – Le Pen faces absolute majority


Lerato Khumalo

Is Marine Le Pen on the verge of a major success? Polls show the right-wing populist has great prospects ahead of the elections in France.

According to a survey, the French right-wing populists could win an absolute majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections. According to the survey published on Friday, they could have 250 to 300 MPs in the National Assembly – an absolute majority is 289 seats. This was the result of a survey by the Odoxa Institute on behalf of the magazine “Le Nouvel Obs”.

According to the survey, Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) would receive 33 percent of the vote in the first round on June 30, putting it ahead of the left-green electoral alliance, which is running under the name New Popular Front, with 28 percent. President Emmanuel Macron’s liberal camp would therefore receive 19 percent of voting intentions.

If we break it down into parliamentary seats, this would give the RN a majority in parliament. 160 to 210 MPs would go to the left, 70 to 120 MPs would go to the presidential camp, and 10 to 50 MPs would go to the conservatives, the Republicans, and the other right. The survey predicts a voter turnout of 64 percent.

Another survey published on Friday by Ifop Fiducial for the broadcaster LCI, the newspaper “Le Figaro” and Sud Radio puts the RN at 35 percent. According to this, 29 percent want to vote for the left-wing New Popular Front and 21.5 percent for the presidential camp.

According to the daily poll, the RN would have 200 to 240 seats, the New Popular Front 180 to 210 seats, the presidential camp 110 to 180 seats and the conservative Republicans and other right-wing parties 40 to 60 seats. However, these results should be interpreted “with caution” in view of the various possibilities in the run-off election in the second round on July 7, it was said.