İslam Memiş gave the figure and explained it by saying ‘Pay attention to 2 things’


Lerato Khumalo

Money markets expert Islam Memiş commented on the reflections of the non-farm employment data announced at 15:30 in America on the domestic market. Stating that what he expressed was not investment advice, Memiş shared his predictions about the non-farm employment data from his x account.

Nonfarm payrolls growth was revised from 165,000 to 108,000 for April and from 272,000 to 218,000 for May.

The country’s unemployment rate rose to 4.1 percent. Market expectations were that the unemployment rate would remain stable at 4.0 percent, the same level it saw the previous month.

The Labor Bureau announced that private sector employment increased by 136 thousand and public sector employment increased by 70 thousand.

Following the announcement of this data, Islam Memiş made his comments and predictions about the importance of the coming week…