Islam Memiş explained the 3 factors that will increase the gram gold price


Lerato Khumalo

Finance analyst İslam Memiş evaluated the ounce of gold. İslam Memiş expressed his expectation of 2600 dollars per ounce in the second half of the year and listed 3 factors that he said would make this valid. Memiş stated that if these factors do not occur, gold prices could be negatively affected.

Making evaluations on the television program he participated in, İslam Memiş said, “We have an ounce of gold at 2356 dollars. My expectation for an ounce of gold at 2600 and then 3000 dollars continues.”

Following these words, Memiş listed 3 factors that he said would support the rise in gold and warned investors by giving a date and price…