HAVELSAN added a new country to its export successes


Lerato Khumalo

Border surveillance system solutions developed within the Turkish defense industry have recently attracted attention with their export success. Different countries are showing interest in integrated solutions that meet needs such as monitoring border areas and detecting security threats.

HAVELSAN, which has developed advanced technological solutions and software-based applications, will make its first export to this country within the scope of the Romanian Integrated Maritime Border Surveillance System (SCOMAR) Modernization Project tender.

At the ceremony held at the Border Police Headquarters in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the contract was signed by Romanian Border Police General Inspector Quaestor Cornel-Laurian Stoica and HAVELSAN Command Control and Defense Technologies Deputy General Manager Savaş Yanık. Turkey’s Ambassador to Romania Özgür Kıvanç Altan was also present at the ceremony.

Within the scope of the contract, Romania’s existing SCOMAR system will be replaced with new technology radar, electro-optical systems and information technology hardware, and equipped with HAVELSAN product MATRA Coast Surveillance and Vessel Traffic Management Software, without interruption of service while it is operating.

System; Romania’s Black Sea coast will be managed from the headquarters of the Romanian Coast Guard in Constanta.


The system, which is planned to be delivered by HAVELSAN within 24 months, will provide maritime situational awareness to law enforcement forces by creating a live sea picture in the 100 nautical mile area, which includes the regional, buffer zone and exclusive economic zone of the Black Sea coast of Romania.

⁠The system, which will increase the capabilities of coastal surveillance and border control, search and rescue activities, combating smuggling, irregular migration and illegal fishing, will be implemented by the country’s organizations in Maritime and Port Security, Maritime Customs Control, Marine Environmental Protection and Awareness, Maritime Search/Rescue and Fishery Inspection. / Will provide information exchange with Control Units.


HAVELSAN Ship Traffic Services (VTS) Software MATRA, developed to monitor, organize and manage all ship traffic movements in the straits with a national system, with the capabilities of the Turkish defense industry, was successfully used in NATO’s Maritime Security Exercise, in which Romania also participated.

VTS Software was developed for the Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Services System. Thanks to the system, interaction with ships is kept at the highest level, and all ship traffic movements in the straits are monitored, organized and managed with a national system.