Gray list statement from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance


Lerato Khumalo

In the statement made by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, it was said:

“Our country was represented by our Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mr. Mehmet Şimşek, at today’s meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Thanks to the right steps taken, Turkey has been removed from the grey list. May it be beneficial for our country and our nation.

This result, achieved with the leadership of our President and the contribution of all our public and private sector stakeholders, especially our Ministries of Justice, Interior and Foreign Affairs, will further increase confidence in our financial system and make it easier for us to achieve program goals.

We would like to thank all institutions and organizations that contributed to this process. Turkey will continue to fight against the financing of terrorism and money laundering with determination in full compliance with international standards.

In this context, the administrative and technical capacity of MASAK and other institutions will be further strengthened; when necessary, legal and administrative regulations will be implemented with the same sensitivity.”