Don’t forget to get it approved, LGS is in the final stages.


Lerato Khumalo

Following the announcement of the High School Transition System (LGS) results, the preference period has also begun. This exam, which is an important turning point in students’ lives, means a good university education after a good high school and therefore a career choice. Experts recommend looking at the ranking when making a choice, as the scores change every year. Factors such as the social facilities of the high school, distance from home, and the status of its graduates also affect the choice. Education Sociologist Prof. Dr. Selman Tunay Kamer stated that making the right choice is of great importance for the student’s future and said, “The preference ranking determines which schools the student prioritizes and which schools he wants the most.“In order to make a decision, it must be made together with the parents, according to the student’s score and personal preferences,” he said.

A correct order of preferences increases the student’s chances of getting into the most suitable school.


Different types of schools such as Science High Schools, Anatolian High Schools, Social Sciences High Schools, Vocational High Schools preferences considering the advantages and disadvantages Kamer added that this should be done, and said: “The distance between the school and home and ease of transportation are important factors. Long journeys can cause students to lose time and even get tired. On the other hand, it should be well considered whether the psychological and economic conditions of receiving education in another city or in a boarding school are suitable for the family and the student.”

“Criteria that determine the quality of education, such as the school’s teaching staff, graduates’ success in getting into universities, and social and sports activities, should also be taken into consideration. Foreign language education provided at school is important. The physical facilities of the school, such as the library, laboratory and gym, are also details that affect the educational process. Feedback from alumni and current students can help you get a more realistic idea of ​​the school.”


Psychologist Özge Öztaşçı emphasized that families should pay close attention to their children’s personal interests and talents during the selection process, saying, “This is important both in terms of school selection and the profession the child will choose in the future. Activities in which the child is talented and enjoys should be supported. Another important issue is the success of the school, the rate of student placement in university, physical and social facilities and distance from home. “Remember that this is a decision about your child’s future, not yours. You should listen to your child like an adult, get their opinion and take all the steps together,” he said.

Don't forget to get it approved, LGS is in the final stages - Picture : 2
After the preferences are made through the system, the approval process must be done by the school.


Education Consultant İlhan Sevin, while drawing attention to the importance of the order of preference, said, “In the preference list, requests and percentiles should be taken into consideration rather than from high to low scores. For example, if a student who is in the 3rd percentile makes one or two of his/her choices from schools in the 2nd and 2.5th percentiles and his/her other choices from schools below the 3rd percentile, this will enable the student to make a healthy list. he spoke.

Sevin, who stated that there is school pollution in the market, said, “In many private schools that are well-known in the public but have a right to a name, commercial purposes are at the forefront rather than education.” “It should not be forgotten that a correct career plan starts with the correct high school choice. For example, those who want to pursue a career in fields such as engineering, architecture, and medicine should choose science and technology high schools; those who are considering a career in professions such as law, economics, and psychology should choose a good Anatolian high school; and those who want to receive university education abroad should choose high schools that teach in a foreign language. I also recommend vocational high schools for those who want to prepare for professional life and higher education in a short time,” he said.

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