ÇAYKUR purchased 213 thousand tons of fresh tea


Lerato Khumalo

It was reported that the General Directorate of Tea Enterprises (ÇAYKUR) purchased 213 thousand tons of fresh tea during the first period of exile.

In the written statement made by ÇAYKUR, it was stated that the fresh tea purchasing activities for 2024 are continuing smoothly in line with the planning.

In the statement, it was stated that 213 thousand tons of fresh tea was purchased from producers during the first exile period, and said, “Transferring tea farming and agriculture, which started as a family business in our region, to future generations is only possible by protecting our tea with correct practices and policies. Therefore, tea harvesting should be done by our producers as much as possible, within the collected product.” Care should be taken to ensure that there are no weeds, roots or dry leaves.” statements were included.

In the statement, it was pointed out that they were aware of the mission undertaken by ÇAYKUR and the following was noted:

“We are implementing the necessary coordination and control work, and we are also following the work within the sector. As a result of our regular campaign preparations and consultation meetings with our department heads and factory managers, second shoot tea purchases will start on Wednesday, June 26, in accordance with the development processes of tea in our regions. All producers of the second shoot season will start We hope it will be peaceful and fruitful for you.”