ÇAYKUR increased the price of dry tea by 22 percent


Lerato Khumalo

ÇAYKUR has purchased a total of 12 thousand tons of tea from producers since the opening of the 2nd exile fresh tea campaign.

The 2nd exile fresh tea campaign started on June 26, 2024. In the campaign where producers entered tea agricultural lands for the second time, a total of 12 thousand tons of tea were purchased for 9 days by the tea purchasing points belonging to the General Directorate of Tea Enterprises (ÇAYKUR). Producers who do not enter the tea gardens due to the small size of the tea due to climate conditions are waiting for the weekend to collect tea.

On the other hand, the dry tea price hike eagerly awaited by tea producers has also been announced. As of today, ÇAYKUR has increased dry tea prices by an average of 22 percent. The kilogram prices of tea packages on the shelves have started to change with the increase.