Warning from İslam Memiş that ‘the last train has arrived’ for gram gold: He gave a date


Lerato Khumalo

Financial analyst İslam Memiş evaluated the gold and silver prices and warned investors by giving a date.

İslam Memiş said, “There was a sale of more than 1 percent in Borsa Istanbul. This week, we had a range of 10 thousand 400 – 10 thousand 900 points on our agenda. There is a portfolio of investors who do not take risks due to the Central Bank week. Technically, the sales in the stock market have not been completed. There are downward movements in the stock market.” “There may be a reaction rise again from 10,400 points. This time, the critical resistance will be 10,700, now it is at 10,700,” he said.
Memiş’s statements are as follows:

“Dollar TL exchange rate is 32.85 cents. The dollar is gaining value in international markets. The dollar index is at 105.65 dollars. The increase in value continues. There is a resistance of 105.85 dollars above. I expect a sale in the index. Pay attention. We have also seen sales in the assets against the dollar in international markets. Since the dollar remains strong, the euro/ The TL exchange rate did not fall below 35 lira and I guess it will continue its upward movements this week.

The rest of Memiş’s statements are as follows…