Volcanoes around the world erupted simultaneously!


Lerato Khumalo

It all started with a series of earthquakes in Iceland. It is stated that the earthquakes that occurred near Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula were caused by the Fagradalsfjall volcano. The movements that the magma creates as it overcomes the obstacles in front of it and begins to rise and approaches an eruption are remarkable. Photos showing the cracks in the ground have come from the region.

The scene of the incident is the iconic Bluee Lagoon Resort, one of Iceland’s most important tourist destinations. An orange level emergency has been declared and Grindavik residents have been asked to evacuate the area.

While evacuations continue, nearly 2,000 earthquakes have occurred in the region recently. Some roads have been closed due to falling lava rocks, and large cracks have formed on the main highway.

Blue Lagoon Resort closed most of the lagoons to tourists to avoid the rocks. As the earthquakes started to increase, all the guests fled and the facilities were closed. Then the expected happened and the explosion occurred.