Transferring no-claims bonus: This trick helps novice drivers


Lerato Khumalo

Anyone who wants to register a car in Germany needs motor vehicle liability insurance. There is a trick you can use to make the rate cheaper.

There are more than 48 million cars on German roads, some of which are registered in Germany. And all of them need at least third-party liability insurance. The car cannot be registered without an electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) with the corresponding number.

If you have never taken out car insurance before, you will start with an unfavorable no-claims bonus class (SF class). But there is a way to take over the discounts received from parents or grandparents.

The amount of the car insurance premium depends on three factors:

The latter is used as a measure of how long you, as the policyholder, have been on the road without any claims. New drivers are usually given SF class 0 (premium rate over 100 percent). With more years of driving experience, you can be placed in SF class ½. Each additional year without any claims brings you additional premium discounts.

Danger: The amount of the premium discount varies depending on the insurance company. Therefore, compare different providers before taking out insurance.

In principle, it is possible to take over a no-claims bonus from parents or grandparents. However, this step is only worthwhile if you have had your driver’s license for several years. Background: Only the years in which the receiving driver has already gained driving experience can be taken over.

The process is similar for many companies and usually looks like this:

Important: The transfer of SF classes often takes place within the family. Since the parents or grandparents lose the no-claims classes, this step should be carefully considered.

In any case, this step is a good idea if older relatives want to give up driving. Grandparents who no longer want to drive themselves can do their grandchildren a favor. But the no-claims bonus can also be taken over by deceased relatives.