The stock market rose in the first half of the day


Lerato Khumalo

BIST 100 index at Borsa Istanbul gained 0.82 percent in the first half of the day, rising to 10,941.15 points.

BIST 100 index, which had an upward trend in the first half of the day, increased by 89.37 points compared to the previous close as of 13:00, reaching 10,941.15 points. Total transaction volume was 44 billion liras.

The banking index gained 1.29 percent, while the holding index lost 0.17 percent. Among the sector indexes, the one that gained the most was the stone and soil index with 2.72 percent, while the one that lost the most was the sports index with 2.86 percent.

Analysts stated that while global stock markets are having difficulty finding direction as the macroeconomic data released in the US continues to give mixed signals, they are starting the week with a cautious course, as the statements of US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell and the intense data agenda will be followed.

Analysts stated that consumer inflation expectation data in the US will be followed in the afternoon, and noted that from a technical perspective, 11,000 and 11,100 points are resistance in the BIST 100 index, while 10,800 and 10,700 levels are support.