The cost of the new business relations signed by ASELSAN in 2023 increased to 71 billion lira


Lerato Khumalo

According to the information compiled by the companies operating in the field of defense industry from the statements published in the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the cost of the new business relationships announced by the companies this year increased to 72 billion 330 million 993 thousand 167 liras when calculated at the current exchange rate.

In addition to the new business relations signed by 4 companies in the sector, the new business contracts signed by ASELSAN with its domestic and foreign customers, the total cost of which is 70 billion 953 million 71 thousand 615 liras when calculated with the current exchange rate, attracted attention.

While the first half of 2024 has not been completed, the ratio of this amount to the revenue in ASELSAN’s consolidated balance sheet for 2023 has reached 96 percent.

The company earned a revenue of 73.6 billion lira last year.


When the relevant business agreements are examined in detail, among the 24 new business relationships and updates that ASELSAN announced to KAP this year, the 556 million 500 thousand dollar agreement signed with the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey for the supply of military equipment needed by the Turkish Armed Forces is the new one with the highest price. stood out as a business relationship.

On the other hand, Altınay Defense, whose shares started to be traded on the stock exchange on May 16, announced that it has signed a new business relationship worth 16 million dollars so far this year, while Onur Teknoloji, which went public on May 28, made 11.6 million dollars and 3 million euros in the same period. and reported that he signed an agreement worth 4.1 million lira.

SDT Aerospace and Defense Technologies, whose shares started to be traded on the stock exchange on January 4, 2023, has also signed a new business contract worth 9.3 million dollars and 1.7 million euros since the beginning of the year.