It is passed around from hand to hand, we have become addicted to probiotics!


Lerato Khumalo


Adding that many food supplements and probiotics are licensed with approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz said, “While the supplement products in question are not produced in a healthy environment, dose settings, active settings and controls are not made strictly. There is no control whether these products are truly effective or not. “There are not enough inspections on food supplements, probiotics and vitamins in Turkey.” he said.

Prof. Dr. Temel Yılmaz said, “There is no advertising of any product licensed by the Ministry of Health, because it is prohibited.”


Internal Medicine Specialist Prof. Dr. Osman Erk stated that there are very serious studies on probiotics and that the studies are progressing very rapidly, and said: “While probiotics continue to be popular with these studies, we see that they are sold like cheese and bread. Probiotics are of course a necessity for our body. However, there is a need for probiotics.” When you give probiotics to a person, we expect that person to complete the missing probiotic. There are more bacteria in the intestines than there are cells in the human body. “People are being recommended supplements without knowing it, it’s not right.”


Main foods containing probiotics: Prof. also stated that there are yoghurt, kefir, pickles, cheese and olives. Dr. Erk said, “These foods can meet the need to some extent. Even if probiotics are to be taken, they should first be taken with the advice of a doctor. Healthy people should also take probiotic supplements. Because probiotic bacteria also support the immune system and intestinal integrity. We already get probiotics from many foods we eat. However, the numbers of probiotic bacteria in foods began to decrease. Therefore, if necessary, for example; “A doctor can give probiotics to a person who uses antibiotics,” he said.

It is passed around from hand to hand, we have become addicted to probiotics!  - Picture: 2
Experts warned that if probiotics are to be used, they should be products with proven reliability.


Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya gave the following answers to our questions: “A nutritional supplement market has emerged, independent of food, so that people can lead a healthier normal life. We cannot say this only for the probiotic market. When we look at it today, there are many supplements such as collagens, magnesium, vitamins C, vitamins B12. That is why it is healthy “There is a market for life. However, we cannot say that these products are a necessity for everyone. There is a lot of clinical research on intestinal flora and we know that the bacteria in the intestine affect our metabolism.”

“Today, most people stay full with foods that have low nutritional value but high calorie value. Here, this type of support can be used for people deemed necessary, depending on the person’s nutritional status. However, probiotics should not be taken according to one’s own wishes, but should be taken with the recommendation of the physician after an internal medicine examination.”