How much TL is gram gold? Current gram gold price as of June 18, 2024


Lerato Khumalo

A gram of gold is traded at 2 thousand 447 lira after starting the day with an increase.

The gram price of gold, which lost value yesterday in parallel with the decrease in the ounce price of gold, completed the day at 2 thousand 445 liras, 0.6 percent below the previous closing.

After starting the new day with an increase, the gram price of gold is at the level of 2 thousand 447 liras, with an increase of 0.1 percent compared to its previous closing, as of 09.30. At the same time, quarter gold is sold for 4 thousand liras, and Republic gold is sold for 15 thousand 950 liras.

While the ounce price of gold closed the day at 2 thousand 319 dollars yesterday with a 0.6 percent depreciation, it is currently finding buyers at 2 thousand 321 dollars, 0.1 percent above its previous closing.