He started producing because his wife loves it! It bears fruit 12 months a year, its yield is very high


Lerato Khumalo

Retired Mustafa Uysal, who lives in Aksu district, planted an area of ​​230 square meters as a hobby during the Covid-19 epidemic to produce papaya, which his Thai wife Thipphawan loves very much.

The Uysal couple, who consumed the first products they bought themselves, decided to turn their hobby into business when they received intense demand from Far Easterners living in different provinces of Turkey after their posts on social media.

Uysal, who started his cultivation with 10 trees in a one-acre greenhouse he established and continued with 185 trees, started to produce Kakdam (Sri Siam) type papaya from the seeds he brought from Thailand as a result of long trials.

Uysal, who produces products ranging from 1 to 7 kilograms each from fruit-bearing trees throughout the year, also provides more returns per unit area with the new breed.

The yolk is sold as fruit and the green is sold as vegetable.

Uysal told the AA correspondent that he took the production of papaya, which has fiber, vitamins, minerals and strong antioxidant properties, from a hobby to a commercial level, and that he produces 50-60 kilograms of product annually from one tree.