Frightening warnings! Generation Z may age prematurely


Lerato Khumalo

Recently, there have been discussions on social media about Generation Z aging earlier than previous generations. While it has been brought to the agenda that Generation Z is more worn out compared to Generations X and Y due to their eating habits, various medications they use, alcohol and cigarette consumption, many young people in their 20s are having breast, abdominal and facial aesthetics. Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Necmettin Kutlu brought up the fact that many young people in Generation Z have hormonal imbalances and excessive breast growth due to genetic factors, and said, “Breast, abdominal and even facial aesthetic applications start very early. The age for breast aesthetic procedures has dropped to 14.”


Prof. Dr. Kutlu, while touching on the reasons that lead to the early aging of Generation Z, said: “In developed countries, the physical growth rate of Generation Z is at a high level due to the hormones used. Accordingly, breast aesthetics, abdominal aesthetics, and facial aesthetics applications begin very early. Unfortunately, we see early skin problems in Generation Z due to smoking, alcohol, and fast food consumption. As skin aging and lines increase, filler and botox procedures are started at an earlier age.”

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özen, while drawing attention to the food supplements taken upon the recommendation of friends among Generation Z, says, “It has now been proven that the foods taken can make changes on genes.”


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özen, faculty member of the Department of Medical Genetics at Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, While warning that Generation Z mostly prefers desk jobs and that a sedentary lifestyle leads to premature aging, “Many young people from Generation Z take nutritional supplements without consulting a doctor, on the advice of friends. The name of the nutritional supplement creates a perception that it is harmless. However, in recent years, genetic studies have proven that environmental factors and the foods consumed can change genes. Even if it does not have an effect now, it can create a tendency for some diseases that may occur many years later,” he said.


Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Hakan Türkçapar underlined that Generation Z includes people who were born entirely within the digital universe between 2001-2020, and said: “Especially with the development of technology, the probability of being overweight has increased by 20% to 30% with the increase in the time spent in front of the screen. Compared to other generations, Generation Z draws attention with certain characteristics such as sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, and greater dependence on technology. “Behavioral patterns negatively affect the health of Generation Z individuals” said.

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Prof. Dr. Türkçapar: “Various disorders such as obesity, sleep disorders, psychological distress, physical problems and posture disorders are frequently seen in Generation Z.”


On the other hand, Psychologist Dilara Gonce,While drawing attention to the fact that it is easy to accuse Generation Z, which consists of young people born and raised in a technological world, of being lazy, he said, “Such a behavioral pattern leads to ignoring the diversity and unique structure of young people. Young people of this age who are prone to technology should use these talents for the benefit of society. One of their biggest challenges is managing the time spent on technological devices. “A sedentary desk-bound life causes many mental and physical problems,” he said.