Famous cheese brand removed from markets: It causes infertility


Lerato Khumalo

As a result of the increasing number of faulty production products in Türkiye and the world in recent days, recall orders continue at full speed. Finally, microplastic was detected in a type of cheese sold in many parts of the world. After this substance, which has the danger of causing many problems, especially infertility, a decision was made to collect the product.

After tuna, pasta and tea products, another health scandal came from cheese producers. Microplastic substances were detected in a type of cheese sold in many countries around the world.

While these substances, which are found in very high concentrations, pose the danger of being a ‘trigger’ for many health problems, especially infertility, the company stated in its statement regarding the issue that a major mistake was made in the production series in question and apologized.

According to the information provided by GazeteDuvar; Following the detection of foreign objects in 125 grams of mozzarella cheese of the Villa Gusto brand, the authorized institutions of many countries where the company is offered for sale decided to collect it immediately.