Edward C. Stone, the famous scientist who sent a spacecraft outside the Solar System, passed away.


Lerato Khumalo

Famous scientist Edward C. Stone, who came up with the idea of ​​sending spacecraft outside the Solar System, died at his home in California at the age of 88.

His daughter Susan C. Stone announced the sad news.

Inspired by the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957, Dr. While he was still a student, Stone worked on the Voyager mission of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is affiliated with NASA.

With his idea, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched separately from Florida in the summer of 1977. Nearly 50 years later, both spacecraft continue to travel into deep space and collect data.

Dr. took over the project at the age of 36. Stone held this position for 50 years. The spacecraft sent by the scientist, who is also a Professor of Physics at Caltech, imaged the rings of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, lightning strikes on Jupiter, and active volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io.

Voyager 1 is estimated to be 15 billion miles from Earth and traveling at 38,000 miles per hour. Voyager 2 crossed the border and reached interstellar space in 2018.

Dr. won the National Medal of Science with this project. Stone also directed the Mars Pathfinder mission, the Galileo space probe’s orbital mission to Jupiter, and the Cassi launch to Saturn.