Covid-19 did this too! Half the world may be myopic


Lerato Khumalo

The myopia epidemic is sweeping the world. International research reveals that the reason for this situation is the Covid-19 pandemic we left behind. The research published in the journal Nature states that time spent outdoors is the best solution against increasing myopia cases, and also includes studies carried out by scientists to reverse myopia. This new situation, which has affected the world in a comprehensive research conducted with the participation of universities from Europe and Asia, is expressed with the words “The Covid-19 epidemic has not only reshaped the way children learn and see the world, but also changed the shape of their pupils.”

A connection has been established between the increase in children’s exposure to screens during the pandemic and the increase in myopia cases.


The study in Nature included the following information about the effects of the pandemic period: “As real-life classrooms and playgrounds were replaced by virtual meetings and digital devices, the time children spent focusing on screens and other nearby objects increased. The time they spent outdoors rapidly decreased. This change led to a significant change in the anatomy of children. Children’s pupils lengthened to better adapt to short vision tasks.


The study stated that comprehensive studies conducted in various regions from Europe to Asia documented this change and included the following: “An analysis revealed that the incidence of pathologically dilated pupils in six-year-old children has almost doubled compared to pre-pandemic levels. This elongation of the eye It improves the clarity of close-up images on the retina, the light-sensitive layer behind it, but it also causes distant objects to appear blurry, leading to a condition known as myopia or nearsightedness. Although corrective glasses usually solve this problem, severe myopia can lead to more serious complications such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and even permanent blindness.

Covid-19 did this too!  Half the world may be myopic - Picture: 2
Research reveals that half of the world’s population may be myopic by 2050.


Stating that myopia rates were increasing rapidly around the world before the Covid-19 epidemic, “Predictions from the early 2010s showed that myopia would affect half the world’s population by the middle of the century.“. The research includes the following about the solution: “Research points to a simple solution to reverse this situation. More outdoor activity is needed during childhood, when changes in eye structure are most likely to occur. “Studies around the world show that taking an extra hour of outdoor breaks a day can significantly reduce the likelihood of nearsightedness.”